Earn While You Learn

Make a positive impact on your life now!

The program is for expecting mothers/fathers, and any parents or grandparents with children up to 3 yrs, with special requirements.

Parents can “earn” baby clothes, diapers, and many other necessities by learning. The program pairs a mother or father with a counselor who meets with them for eight weeks. Every lesson earns Mommy dollars. This money can be spent in our Mommy store.

What your mommy dollars buy…

All items in the Mommy Store are new.

Classes include…

Our Mission is to bring hope to many lives by helping parents move forward and achieve a higher level in life.


Empowering individuals to become self-sufficient and offering hope.

Our goals are to:

Some of the 2013 Earn While You Learn testimonies…

This was a really helpful class, it taught me many wonderful things that I didn’t know, ways to take care and help my son grow and learn. I would highly recommend this class to other couples or mothers who are pregnant. Mrs. Pat did a wonderful job, she kept us excited and helped explain everything thoroughly to us.

Married, first time dad, age 23, baby boy

I definitely enjoyed this class. I would have liked to have taken it at the beginning of the pregnancy but taking it at the end helped with knowing what to expect during labor and after my bundle of joy arrives. I am definitely telling moms to be and dads about it. Especially the less fortunate and teen parents.

First time mom, married age 21, baby boy)

I would recommend this class to all first time parents and grandparents. It gave us a lot of useful information about newborns and pregnancy that I did not know.

First time Grandmother, age 49, baby girl

I have learned so many things from taking this class such as how to care for my new baby girl Evelyn and how to protect her. This class has been such a good experience, not only did I learn so many thing that I did not know, I also got mommy dollars to prepare for my baby. I thought we had an awesome teacher that put a lot of energy into teaching us and made the class a lot of fun. I would definitely tell people about this class.

Single father, age 39, baby girl

This class has helped me in many ways. I feel more comfortable about having my baby and raising her now. I learned thing I didn’t even know, like how to put a diaper on the right way and how to check the water before my baby gets in. I also learned what to expect before and after the baby comes and what to look for. I think if it wasn’t for this class I would have been lost and confused. I am so very thankful for getting a chance to be a part of the class. Thank you.

Single, first time mom age 25, baby girl

I learned a lot from this class some things I didn’t know and some things I did know but other ways to do them. This class is a great learning tool to have for first time mothers, it covers everything. This class makes you feel more prepared for delivery and child care. I think it has been a wonderful opportunity for me. I especially appreciate the time Mrs. Pat and Mrs. Lynda took out of their schedule so people have a great opportunity to have this class.

Single first time mom, age 24, baby girl

Thank you to CORA’S and Fayetteville Assembly of God Church for the childbirth education classes. What I loved the most it was filled with scripture quotes. It covered every aspect of pregnancy and baby care. We are prepared for this delivery. Mrs. Pat and Mrs. Linda were shining stars of your church and the love and care of Christ shone through them. They were a true blessing! Thank you so much.

Grandmother, age 58, baby girl

I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I learned a lot more than I thought I would. I would recommend this class to any expecting mothers. Mrs. Lynda and Mrs. Pat were both very nice and made me feel welcome. I am grateful for the opportunity to do this. Thank you!